Thursday, April 14, 2011

My Monday, My Yellow Flowers (16 days until T.Haas & I shake hands)

This week my parents came for the Awards Banquet and brought along with them these exquisite yellow roses. I have enjoyed watching them miraculously unfold with layers of beauty.

In many ways these roses don't just feel like any roses to me. They celebrate 4 years of active voluntary involvement at GVSU. As they seemed to tip toe to unfold, and then suddenly blossomed into magnificence, I feel we've lived a similar life. Who I was 4 years ago was a bud in comparison to the yellow rose I feel to be inside now.

I enjoyed Monday night with my parents in ways that I could not have imagined. The dean of the Honors College gave a keynote speech that encapsulated the rarity and importance of celebrating good work. He recently shared how he performed at Carnegie Hall, and when they ended, the 5-story theatre roared with applause. He said although that meant so much to him, at the end the conductor looked at them and said something that made everything just come together.


I almost begin to cry reflecting on this, because he then said bravo to all those who were recognized. It was very powerful to be graciously recognized for my contribution to student life at GVSU, but he made me realize something so much greater.

He led me to the epiphany that the little bravos are what are the most humbling, rewarding moments of all.

And that's what Monday night felt like. It was a celebration of what has been learned, occurred, transformed, grown, inspired, and humbled within me by Him and all those awesome people of His Kingdom that have encouraged me to become who I am. As much as the award was to me, it was so much more about everything and everyone who I have met, worked with, learned with, laughed with, made a difference with at GVSU.

It was so wonderful to have my parents there, to not only be a part of such a sacred moment, but to congratulate me. I feel sometimes that being at GVSU theirs a disconnect between what I do, and to have them realize how much I love and have been dedicated to student life at GVSU was a tremendous feeling. President Haas even told our table congratulations--how humbling as well.

Monday night reminded me that I am Sarah Amelia Schultz, and I am so ready to continue--not begin, but continue-- to light the world on fire with all of the gifts and spirit and people He has blessed me with.

So for the rest of my life, I will remember that my life changed the day I was told one simple, powerful, genuine word, because I could hear God saying it too.