Sunday, May 6, 2012

Jesus loves to laugh

Ahh yes, Jesus Christ and laughter define this post, oh how I love them both! God has been so good in my life lately, and I truly have handfuls of praises to send His way. My grandpa had 2 kidney stones removed and He is going great; He kept me safe with Nelly Belle with over 600 miles of driving in 8 days; He allowed me to make memories with some of my closest friends and share abundant conversation with a new one; He blessed me with a scholarship for the upcoming school year; He has blessed us with a roommate for next year; He blessed my grades and my baking skills (fruit pizza anyone?); He kept me safe when I was home alone; He allowed my finances for tuition and life to work out just perfectly; He blessed me with many opportunities to laugh and appreciate His grace and humor, (which many of the following images share!). God is good, and I am so thankful that we have a God who is always so loving and caring and abundantly wonderful!

I have played this song numerous times in the past week, and if you haven't heard 10,000 Reasons by Matt Redman, I invite you to listen to my favorite worship song to date! Here's the first few lyrics I continuously say in my head:

Bless the LORD oh my soul,
Oh my soul, 
Worship His holy name, 
Sing like never before, 
Oh my soul,
I'll Worship your holy name.

The sun comes up it's a new day dawning,
It time to sing your song again,
Whatever may pass and whatever lies before me,
Let me be singing when the evening comes. --Matt Redman

Besides praising Jesus, He has led me on many lovely adventures!
We went to Tulip Time today and it was just a rainy, dreary day. We recharged with elephant ears under the closest awning we could find for cover. We could do nothing but laugh at how soaked we were!
I got locked up for being good for donating to the Muscular Dystrophy Foundation! Getting locked up at a nice restaurant for an hour=a very cozy jail I must say!

Sara and I took Kelli to Frankenmuth to celebrate her birthday! It was pretty SWEET! Hahahah!
I was trying to take a cute picture with Cass the bunny but Sara and Kelli photobombed me (look closely in the background). I think this turned out best actually!!
I also tried to get a photo of just Cass, and every time he wanted to investigate my phone! It was too cute. He especially liked me after I serenaded him to "You are my sunshine."

Today marks the beginning of my 40-hour work weeks and summer I class! I am truly looking forward to what God has in store for this semester:-)

With love, grace, and happiness,
Sarah, AKA Schultzie

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