Monday, August 8, 2011

It's not everyday you get coughed on by a giraffe, and other Jesus is AWESOME moments

I will be the first to tell you I've never been a huge animal person, but ya know Jesus' continues to find creative ways for me to love all of His creations. On Friday the SALP staff caravaned to Binder Park in Battle Creek, Mich., where many wonders of the world reside. We saw a snow leopard, a dinosaur, monkeys, emus, zebras, tortoises, and so many other wonderful animals. We even took a safari to Africa--only 5 minutes to get there!

On Friday I finally felt what people talk about as "love at first site." No not a man,--one of these days, I know Jesus is doing great things there, but anyways--I met a giraffe! They were just the sweetest animals ever. For a mere $1 for a piece of lettuce, you could feed them. This photo captures the giraffe enjoying his piece, and my shock that he didn't eat my finger! There tongues are so long and icky! But he just blew me away with his gentle nature, his charmingly awkward facial look, and his disposition to the world. He just seemed happy, happy for the day, for the company, for the food, for the little lovely life Jesus created for him.

Oh! And a little while later, he coughed on me! There was a little girl next to me and it blew all of her hair back. It was just the sweetest thing I must say!

So thanks Mr. Giraffe. You remind that each day is full of grace, love, and happiness. You were just such a genuine pleasure to meet, and I hope we meet again:-)

If you feel somedays as if Jesus is not close, pray for Him to show you the beauty of each day, and invite him into everything you do--He will 10000% greet you graciously right then. I think that's been my favorite thing about July; I really learned just how strongly He is everywhere.

Jesus was with me in my travels 2,500 miles, and even danced to the music with me.
Jesus continues to affirm my calling to be a student affairs professional.
Jesus continues to tell me 'You got this girl! I'm with ya!'
Jesus continues to feed me and keep money in the bank.
Jesus continues to nurture friendships that mean so much to me.
Jesus tells me its going to be ok, and not to worry, or hurry, or think too much.
Jesus showed me just how being there to give a hug is sometimes all that is needed.
Jesus has shown me that his trust is always the best way to provide wind and direction to my sails.
He tells me to pray, and to illuminate the life He's called me too.

This little light of my, I'm going to let it shine:-)

How has Jesus been AWESOME in your life this month? I challenge you to write a few things down. Is their a pattern? Is their a message? How does this encourage your walk with Him?