Thursday, May 17, 2012

Tulip Time and Mother's Day

Hello and happy Friday!!

My lovely little life in Kalamazoo has been full lately--with love, family, friends, church, and living the student affairs graduate student life! I am genuinely happy--I truly enjoy my calling and simply where I am in life. I don't feel as if I am striving or overwhelmed or anxious. I feel content, cared for, loved, and silly happy. 
Of course I have my moments, especially dealing with my first series of 40-work weeks, split between my SALP hours and my Career Services internship hours. I know it is something that I need time to get used to! Oh, and my car demanded another $700 of work--fuel pumps are kind of a big deal! 

The past two weekends were full of fun! I went to opening night of the annual Tulip Time Festival fireworks with Kirsten and Lindsay, and spent Sunday walking around Holland in the pouring rain--literally. Julie and Hollie were able to come to, so it was lovely to just all be together--something we weren't able to do in quite a while! 

For mother's day my mom and sister visited, and we just had the best time! We went out to one of our favorite Kalamazoo restaurants, the Texas Roadhouse, and I made sure they experienced Sophia's House of Pancakes. They got to meet my good friends Chavonna and Yu, and we all went to my church (love Centerpoint!) together. It was a wonderful mother's days service and I was so thankful to experience it with my mom! It was truly a magical mother's day! 

The Lord has truly blessed me lately. I plan to write more this weekend about what He is doing in my life. I've been dreaming lots of big Jesus dreams lately and I can't wait to chat more with you about them. May the Lord bless you and keep you this lovely Michigan weekend!

Fireworks with Linds and Kirsten!
Lindsay Lou love. 
 The only group shot we got, ducking under awnings of downtown shops.
Sad rainy friends. Sad tulips.
Love my sissy--she is doing great things!
I love my mommy:-) She's the bomb dot com. It seemed only appropriate I got her tulips this year!

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